People would be ‘frustrated’ at bin charge

Garden waste collection
Garden waste collection

The borough council has been criticised by the TaxPayers’ Alliance over its consultation into garden waste collection services.

Boston Borough Council last week launched the consultation over the future of its free brown bin collection.

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said the council should have sought a range of views rather than the set of two – introduce a fee or bin it – so they weren’t seen to ‘skew any discussion’.

He said: “Taxpayers already pay through the nose for their Council Tax bills so they’ll find it frustrating to have to pay again for garden waste collection.

“Slapping new charges on services like this might have some unintended consequences too, with gardens going untended or waste left on the roadside.

“Councils are facing extremely tough financial settlements but they should look at non-essential services for savings before hitting residents with charges on things they expect their council tax to pay for.”

A number of Facebook users also registered their displeasure at the thought of paying for the service, with some saying they had only bought a brown bin for £25 as little as six weeks ago.

The council refused to comment while the consultation was going on, but pointed to conversations on social media site Streetlife where it said comments were positive.

The council reminded people that social media comments cannot be included as part of the consultation process and asked anyone who has an opinion on the consultation to register their views at or collect a garden waste survey form from Municipal Buildings, in West Street, Boston.