Boston Council leader joins police for walkabout - but campaigners who set up public meeting about anti-social issues disappointed not to be invited

Councillor Spencer and other members of the walkabout party
Councillor Spencer and other members of the walkabout party

Boston Borough Council leader Aaron Spencer along with Lincolnshire Police, the Community Safety team from the council and Portfolio Holder for Town Centre, Councillor Chelcei Sharman took a walk around the town looking at issues raised at a recent public meeting recently - but the two women who started the campaign that led to the public meeting were disappointed they weren't asked along.

Concerns about drinking, people relieving themselves, litter, and general anti-social behaviour led to around 100 people attending the Clean Up Boston campaign meeting.

The group touring the town last week said only one drinker was found holding an alcoholic drink, which was removed from his possession and disposed of.

Cllr Spencer stressed that a new council contract with Local Authority Support Ltd has been initiated with enforcement officers recently starting issuing fixed penalty notices around the town centre for multiple acts of anti-social behaviour including littering, spitting, dog fouling, and more.

He said he would provide figures for this at the next meeting of the Clean Up Boston Campaign.

But on Facebook, the campaign organisers Heather Murrell and Maxine Stones expressed disappointment that they had not been invited on the ‘walkabout’.

“I don't think it was very polite of him to forget about inviting the two people that started all this off,” Heather posted.