Boston school is hit by a malicious computer virus attack

Working on the computer system at Haven High
Working on the computer system at Haven High

A Boston secondary school has shut down its IT systems for two weeks after a malicious virus attack.

Haven High School has posted on Facebook that attack was detected and caught within 25 minutes.

The school has pledged to do all it can to minimise impact to teaching and learning.

Parents have been told the cashless canteen system will be offline while the system is down, and parents whose children pay for meals have been asked to bring small amounts of cash in to pay for food – that doesn’t affect those on free school meals.

The statement issued on Facebook said: “Our external IT providers are now recovering the situation quickly and we do not believe any data has been lost.”

The information on Facebook was posted on Sunday morning, and parents were asked to only phone the school in an emergency, with the school saying it will continue to update parents via Facebook.

An update via Facebook today said: “The team are working hard to deal with our virus attack and are in direct contact with Microsoft to resolve the situation.”

It included pictures of students being briefed before their lessons.