Brave Kirton boy Jenson is hailed a hero after helping save his mum

Little hero Jenson
Little hero Jenson

A brave and quick thinking five-year-old sprang into action when his mum collapsed on the bedroom floor.

Jenson Goldsmith found mum Hayley on the floor – and thanks to her having shown him what to do in an emergency, he calmly picked up her phone and dialled 999.

Jenson with his sister Lilly

Jenson with his sister Lilly

The Kirton Primary School pupil then continued to speak to the emergency operator while help was on its way, putting his mum into the recovery position.

He also had to look after his little sister Lilly, who is just 18 months old, and was screaming downstairs during the incident.

Now Hayley, who was taken to the Pilgrim Hospital for treatment after her collapse on Sunday morning, is urging everyone to ensure their children know how to deal with an emergency.

And she is promising Jenson, who is likely to be nominated for an award by the ambulance crew, a special treat at the weekend.

The whole family

The whole family

“He was just incredibly brave. I suffer with low blood pressure and it was at its worst on Sunday and I just passed out on the bedroom floor,” she said. “Jenson got my phone, dialled 999, spoke to the lady on the phone, managed to unlock the front door, and managed to put me in the recovery position. He did everything the lady was asking him to do.

“He was very calm. In between talking to the lady on the phone he was also looking after his 18 month old sister Lilly who was screaming. We are so lucky to have such an amazing boy and we are so very proud of him.”

Alison Crowe, Senior Manager for the East Midlands Ambulance Service’s 999 control room said: “Jenson acted very calmly in what must have been a frightening situation.

“By calling 999 and answering our emergency call handler’s questions, he made sure we were able to get help to his mum quickly as possible.

“As the summer holidays are approaching, we are asking parents to make sure they take five minutes to sit down with their children and explain when to call 999, especially if an adult is not awake or responding.

“It is important that children know their address and postcode so that if they need to call 999 we can get an ambulance to them as quickly as possible. Teaching your child the right reason to call 999 could save your life.”

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