BT set to remove eight phone boxes from around Boston

Bid to remove phone boxes
Bid to remove phone boxes

Eight phoneboxes around Boston are set to be removed by BT.

The company is proposing to remove the public payphones from various locations in the borough.

And it is consulting local communities and Boston Borough Council asking for comments.

Notices have been placed in the boxes affected and the consultation period is due to end on Tuesday December 12.

The kiosks affected are:

Eastwood Road, Boston

Hawthorn Tree corner/Eastwood Road, Boston

O/S 222 Sleaford Road, Boston

O/S NO 174 Carlton Road, Boston

Tower Road/Elizabeth Road, Boston

Outside telephone exchange Brand End Road, Butterwick, Boston

Swineshead Bridge, Swineshead, Boston

Church End, Wrangle, Boston

Anyone who wants to object, or to comment in support, is asked to email or write to Planning Services, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, PE21 8QR., with the subject title ‘BT payphone removal consultation’ by Friday October 25.