COMPETITION: Win a meal fit for TV’s Wild Bill

Wild Bill star Rob Lowe with Candida and her daughter Carla at Los Burritos.
Wild Bill star Rob Lowe with Candida and her daughter Carla at Los Burritos.

Boston’s only Mexican restaurant has a new addition to its menu, one named in honour of TV and film star – and former customer – Rob Lowe.

The West Wing and Parks and Recreation actor dined at Los Burritos, in Church Street, last year during the filming of ITV’s new crime drama Wild Bill.

The Wild Bill Special.

The Wild Bill Special.

There, he enjoyed what is now known as the ‘Wild Bill Special’.

This evening, the first episode of the series airs on ITV at 9pm, and to mark the occasion the Standard, Boston Borough Council, and Los Burritos, have teamed up to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Wild Bill Special with cocktails for two.

In his promotion of Wild Bill, Lowe has spoken about his visit to Los Burritos.

He said: “I went to a Mexican restaurant in Boston which was rated very highly. I’ve yet to find a Mexican restaurant in London, so I had to go all the way to Lincolnshire to get proper Mexican food. I’m a southern Californian and I know my Mexican food. It wasn’t the Mexican food I know, but it was really good.”

Candida Borges, who has lived in Boston for 20 years, runs the restaurant with her daughter Carla Santos.

Candida said: “At first we did not recognise him. But then my daughter said ‘I know that guy from somewhere. Ah, I’ve seen him in an American TV series’. Then we knew it was Rob Lowe. He was very nice and had a photograph with us.”

On Carla’s recommendation, Lowe dined on Mexican fish stew, spicy rice, and tortillas with dips.

The Mexican food and the wide open skies of Lincolnshire made Lowe feel very much at home.

In his interviews, he says the landscape has given the show an ‘amazing’ look.

He said: “The show is almost a western allegory. I’m literally a new sheriff in town, and that flat landscape in Lincolnshire really gives it a look that you haven’t seen before.

“It was very reminiscent of places in the mid-West where I’m from. I’m from Ohio and we have our landscapes that are like that – where you can literally see the horizon for miles and miles. I was surprised to find that in England, because when I think of England, I think of the gently rolling countryside. Lincolnshire is as flat as a pancake.

“I’m always trying to find something about a project that is original. So between the location and tone, Wild Bill is very unique.”

Los Burritos has proved so popular that, from June 19, it will move to the former Axe and Cleaver pub, in West Street, where there will be room for more diners.

* To stand a chance of winning a Wild Bill Special with cocktails for two, answer the following question and email your answer to

Question: Apart from Boston and Lincolnshire where else, with a similar landscape, does Rob Lowe feel most at home?

The closing date is Tuesday, June 18, at midnight.