Council fears nightclub plan is too close to residential properties

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Plans have been submitted for a new restaurant and night club on the site of the former Railwayman’s Social Club in Boston.

The £280,000 Fancy Lounge development would also include a side extension to form a beer garden at the Sleaford Road site.

Those behind the plans claim their development - if given the green light - would create 23 jobs.

However, Boston Borough Council’s environmental health department is concerned that the location is too close to residential properties for a night club development to be given the thumbs up.

The man behind the proposal, Suayp Dogan, has lived in Boston for four years, and runs a number of other businesses.

He owns three Korzinka supermarkets in the town, and is a partner in the Pirana Night Club.

In a recently submitted application to the council’s planning department, a statement from the applicants says the new venue would offer customers the opportunity to eat, drink and dance under one roof.

The restaurant would be open from 10am to 11pm.

The plan is then for the lounge to open up until 4am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The venue will ‘be like no other venue in the county’, the applicants say.

Although the statement states that noise testing carried out showed levels from within the club were ‘considered at the high end of the acceptable levels’, it adds that this was done before any noise reduction measures, which the owners plan to take, have been put into place.

The statement adds: “We will work with the local council to ensure noise is kept to a minimum.

“We will follow any recommendations in relation to instillation or monitoring the music volume levels.”

But in a response to consultation on the plans, an officer from Boston Council’s environmental health department states: “I believe that there is a fundamental planning objection to introducing a nightclub so close to a residential area away from the town centre.

“Whilst it may be possible in theory to attenuate the building structure there will remain the issue of late night disturbance from clients arriving and exiting the venue.”

Lincolnshire Police say they have no objections to the plan.

The application was submitted on 20 June to Boston Borough Council, who will determine it at a later date.