Couple who met at skate rink celebrate 70 years of marriage

Clarry Atterby and Audrey Atterby celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.
Clarry Atterby and Audrey Atterby celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.

A couple who met at the old open-air skating rink in Boston will mark an astonishing 70 years of marriage next week.

Clarry and Audrey Atterby reach their platinum wedding anniversary on Tuesday - and will celebrate at a party with 60 relatives and 30 friends at the weekend.

“We met at the old open-air skating rink where the Gliderdrome is now,”said Clarry, 89.

“We were only about 16 at the time. In later years when it became the Gliderdrome, we used to go up to dance there every Saturday night.”

Offering advice for young couples today, he added: “You can’t really advise young people on marriage nowadays as things are so different now. All I could say is don’t fall out, and stick together.”

The couple are familiar faces in the town - having been Mayor and Mayoress of Boston in 1968. Clarry was a borough councillor for a number of years and has also given 50 years’ service to both the local Conservative party -and Lindis Lodge of Freemasons, of which he is still a member.

The pair also ran shops down Emery Lane for a number of years. Clarry took on his father’s gentleman’s outfitters Atterby and Young, while Audrey, 88, ran a children’s clothes shop called Young Ones.

They retired 25 years ago and have three sons, 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.Their first year of marriage fell during the Second World War. During this time Clarry was a Bevin Boy working down the mines - an often gruelling and dangerous job to ensure Britain had enough fuel to keep going.

“During this time Audrey and I could only keep in touch by writing each other a letter as nobody had phones,” he said. “I came home from the pits and joined the Royal Observer Corps for 14 years. Audrey stayed at home to look after our three sons and she did a very good job bringing them up.”