Lemur twins born at Friskney Parrot Zoo

The twin baby lemurs at The Parrot Zoo, Friskney.
The twin baby lemurs at The Parrot Zoo, Friskney.

New-born ring tailed lemur twins are the latest new arrivals to wow visitors at The Parrot Zoo in Friskney.

The week old duo are still snuggling close to mum Kola, but seem to be doing well at the zoo which has welcomed the birth of baby lemurs for six years running.

The cute couple have even managed to steal some of the limelight from the Parrot Zoo’s baby Bengal tigers.

An endangered breed from Madagascar, the ring tailed lemurs live alongside 100 species of parrot at the sanctuary along with many rescued exotic animals from the pet trade.

A crowd of expectant visitors gathered to welcome the arrival of the baby twins into the world.

The zoo’s chief executive officer Steve Nichols said: “We were very busy, the visitors naturally taking in the amazing sight of the baby tigers,

“Then a hush came over the crowd as the whispers made their way through the people. Everyone quietly turned and watched as the experienced mom gave birth to the stunning twins. I sat beside her just making sure the troop gave her some space.”

He added: “It was like a film, as the second one was born but didn’t respond. I could feel the crowd’s concerns for the limp little lemur, but then after a minute or so I heard a squeak and just said out loud without thinking ‘he’s alive’ and 
the crowd all sighed with joy.”

The Parrot Zoo, Dickonhill Road, is open every day from 10am to 5pm.