Mobile phone shop makes high-tech donation to Stump over vandalism and theft

Boston's Vodafone store makes its donation to the Stump.
Boston's Vodafone store makes its donation to the Stump.

A mobile phone store in Boston has made a high-tech donation to St Botolph’s Church after seeing it fall victim to vandalism and theft.

Vodafone, in Strait Bargate, has provided the church with a camera which uses a Vodafone sim card for a live video feed.

It came after the donations box at the Stump was vandalised and money stolen from it earlier this year.

Donna Watton, franchisee for Vodafone at Boston, said: “Unfortunately this area of the building was not covered by CCTV so they were unable to see who had done this, and also had nothing to tell them that someone was there at the time so they could have done something about it!” “The guys in the Vodafone Boston store were upset to hear this had happened, so decided to try to do something about it to help them out.”

The camera uses a motion sensor, which sends alerts to mobile phones when activity is detected. It also has two-way audio, so staff can hear what is going on – and also speak back.

Donna says the DonnaComm team (the name for colleagues at the Vodafone store in Boston and, once it opens, Spalding) are passionate about being involved in giving back to the community.

“There are a number of fundraising activities the team in Boston have already done, this will always continue in Boston, and we are looking to take the same approach in Spalding when the new store opens there in the market place in October,” she said. “We think it’s important for local businesses such as ours to work with the community to help them with fundraising projects and supporting charities, and invite people to come in to our stores to talk about this.”

* The Boston Stump has been offering free meals to schoolchildren during the summer holidays. The programme ends this week.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), between 12pm and 1.30pm, children accompanied by an adult can come to the Blenkin Memorial Hall, in Wormgate, and enjoy a cooked meal.

On Thursday and Friday, between 12pm and 1pm, youngsters can collect a packed lunch from the church’s coffee shop.

On Thursday, between 12pm and 2pm, the church’s foodbank will also be providing packed lunches for children at St Christopher’s Church, in Fenside Road, Boston.