Mums’ mountain run for kids with cancer

Val Gillick and Amanda Smith ANL-151109-110832001
Val Gillick and Amanda Smith ANL-151109-110832001

Two mums have completed a gruelling 20-mile mountain run and raised over £2,000 for children with cancer.

Gosberton mother of 10 Val Gillick (47) and primary school teacher Amanda Smith (38) were inspired to take on the Man versus Mountain challenge by a young boy battling cancer.

They’ve fundraised for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) to help young cancer patients from our area who are treated at the Cambridge hospital.

After covering 13 miles to the summit with heavy survival kits on their backs, the duo then had to endure an abseil, a quarry jump, a vertical up-hill kilometre, a slide into freezing water, a 25 metre swim and three wall climbs.

Val said: “ We knew our aches and pains would go, but we were unlike all the children who are fighting cancer at this very moment; their journey is still ongoing.”

The pair took on the challenge in tribute to a former pupil at Boston West Primary School, where Amanda works, who is receiving long-term treatment at Addenbrookes.

Amanda, a mum of three, told us: “I just felt devastated for him and I just felt that I wanted to do something.”

Val has turned a room at her home in Mill Lane – which runs almost parallel to High Street – into a charity shop for ACT and took a little over £200 in the first week from Gosberton residents who were quick to take the cause to their hearts.

Val said: “There are so many children around here who have cancer.”

The shop is tiny, but she can sell small items like clothes, toys and books.

The duo are also lining up further fundraising events including a bubble football tournament and a charity ball.

To help Amanda and Val raise cash for ACT visit