Residents urged to donate to repair ‘beautiful, historic’ donation box stolen from Boston Stump

The ornate and historic collection box which The Stump say was stolen. Photo: Twitter/@stumpboston
The ornate and historic collection box which The Stump say was stolen. Photo: Twitter/@stumpboston

A kind-hearted resident is urging people to help The Stump in its hour of need by giving a few quid to help with the restoration of a 17th Century donation box which was stolen and recovered ‘a bit worse for wear’ this week.

Fishtoft resident Ged Kelly called The Standard to pledge at least £10 towards the costs of repairing The Stump’s box, which was stolen last Friday and was recovered yesterday in a local skate park.

As reported earlier today (Friday), police have described the box as ‘damaged’, while a statement on The St Botolph’s Facebook Page says it is ‘looking a bit worse for wear’.

The full statement said: “We are absolutely delighted to tell you that our box has been found!

“It has been on a bit of a journey, tried a bit of skateboarding, looking a bit worse for wear, is having a night in the police cell, but is coming home.

“Thank-you so much for help.”

Mr Kelly told The Standard that he wanted to urge more people to donate some cash towards the repair of the box, parts of which are said to date back to the early 1600s.

He said: “The fact this took place in our church is heartbreaking. I don’t have a god, but I respect people’s rights to have a religion and the church is that donation box is a beautiful piece of historic furniture.

“It’s a charity box for gods sake!”

Across two incidents, the Church also had two Royal British Legion Poppy collection tins stolen, one Royal Airforce Association collection tin stolen.

Mr Kelly has also posted his pledge on Boston the People and had a positive response.

Simon Hunt said: “I’m in too Ged.”

Dave Dooley wrote: “Good man Ged - yes, I’d be more than happy to chip-in also. It needs a professional repair to restore it to it’s former condition.”

Ashley Le Hermit Lister added; “Wonder just what damage it has sustained?? Count me in too.....”

Jo Fisher said: “Really good news. I’m glad I was wrong as this way we got it back. I’ll stick a little in the collection pot to. Xx”

Mr Kelly advised people to donate direct to The Stump.

A spokesman for the church was delighted with the response.

They said: “If people wish to donate to us, that’s fantastic and it would be warmly received.”