‘Takeover’ radio show between Endeavour FM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire set for this Friday.

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Boston’s 107 Endeavour FM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire will present a joint show for the first time this Friday.

Called ‘The Friday Night Takeover’ - the show, which airs from 7-10pm, will celebrate young people in Boston.

It will be hosted by BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s George Smith from the Endeavour FM studios in Boston. The programme will feature live music from Boston bands and musicians including Kings and Bears - who have been championed by both stations.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire evening presenter George Smith said: “Every Friday I get to ‘take over’ BBC Radio Lincolnshire and talk about things we wouldn’t normally discuss on the radio station. I am really excited for our show to be ‘taken over’ by the 107 Endeavour FM team. As long as they fill me with tea I’m sure we’ll get on fine.”

Charlie Partridge, editor of BBC Radio Lincolnshire, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to partner with a community radio station which has its roots firmly placed in Boston. Radio stations like 107 Endeavour FM are the bedrock of our local communities.”

Dylan Taylor, managing director of 107 Endeavour FM, added: “Boston’s Community Radio station 107 Endeavour FM exists to champion the positives and showcase the very best Boston has to offer, whether it’s the many individuals making a real difference to people’s lives, the wonderful buildings, history and rich heritage or the exciting thriving local music scene. We are delighted and humbled that BBC Radio Lincolnshire has decided to collaborate with us to bring Boston to a wider audience.”