Thanks given for gift from Boston shopkeeper of Turkish cheese, Moldovan wine, and more for Prince of Wales

Erhan Akyuz with the Prince of Wales.
Erhan Akyuz with the Prince of Wales.
  • Shopkeepers’ international gift after impromptu royal visit
  • ‘They will be put to the best possible use’, says royal staff in thank you letter

A Boston shopkeeper has been thanked after sending the Prince of Wales a hamper of goodies, including Turkish cheese and Moldovan wine, following an impromptu visit to his business.

Aronia UK, in High Street, became an unscheduled stop on Prince Charles’ tour of Lincolnshire last month when its owner, Erhan Akyuz, invited His Royal Highness into the shop.

The gifts for the Prince.

The gifts for the Prince.

The Prince had been visiting Age UK opposite and Erhan was among those in the street who greeted him on his departure.

He said: “I was just in front of our shop when he came to shake a lady’s hand. I just said ‘would you like to come into the shop and check it out’ and he said ‘why not?’”

Erhan, 37, said The Prince was pleased to see goods from around the world and after learning Erhan is originally from Turkey, revealed his fondness for a particular Turkish foodstuff.

“He said he loves Turkish cheese,” Erhan said.

He said he loves Turkish cheese.

Erhan had planned to offer the Prince some items from the shop, but in the hustle and bustle of the high-profile visit, with press and security in tow, did not get the chance.

Now, however, he is sending The Prince a hamper containing different varieties of Turkish cheese, Moldovan red wine, Turkish black olives and a bottle of champagne, as well as a thank you letter.

Erhan, husband to Emma and father to Evren, 15, and Zeren, 12, said he found the Prince to be ‘down-to-Earth’ and ‘very friendly’.

“It was very strange to see His Royal Highness coming into our shop, but it was nice of him to do so,” he said of the experience, adding: “We were honoured to have him. It was a pleasure.”

The thank you letter from Clarence House.

The thank you letter from Clarence House.

He has since received a letter back from staff at Clarence House, passing on the Prince’s thanks, adding that the items ‘will be put to the best possible use, and are greatly appreciated’.