Warrant issued for Lithuanian national charged with causing death by dangerous driving of man in Hubberts Bridge accident

Arrest warrant issued for man
Arrest warrant issued for man

AN ARREST warrant has been issued for a Lithuanian national facing a charge of causing death by dangerous driving, who is believed to have fled the country.

Tomas Jonusaitis, 27, formerly of Threadneedle Street, Boston, was due to have appeared at Boston Magistrates Court to face an allegation that he caused the death of William Farquar by dangerous driving on October 26 last year on the A1121 at Hubberts Bridge, Boston.

After Jonusaitis failed to appear, a police officer told District Judge Peter Veits that there was information that Jonusaitis had left the country on April 5 and there was no record of his having returned.

Judge Veits issued an arrest warrant, not backed for bail.