Persistant beggar and convicted sex offender jailed for nine months


A persistent beggar caught asking for money outside a Boston solicitors’ office has been jailed for a total of nine months at Lincoln Crown Court.

James Waxman, who is currently under an anti social behaviour order which bans him from begging, was arrested last month after he was seen requesting money in the street.

Leanne Summers, prosecuting, said “The defendant was seen outside the offices of Chatterton’s solicitors asking passers-by for money in breach of the order.

“He was interviewed and made full admissions.”

She told the court that Waxman was also in breach of his sex offender registration order because he had not kept police informed of where he was living. Waxman was placed on the sex offenders’ register following a conviction in May 2015 for exposure.

Waxman, 36, of Wormgate, Boston, admitted breaching his anti social behaviour order and a second charge of failing to comply with the notification requirements of the sex offenders’ register. The court was told he had 10 previous convictions for breaching his ASBO.

Nicola Devas, defending, told the court “He is in something of a vicious circle. He goes to prison, he is released and has nowhere to stay. He finds himself homeless and without money and he begs. One has to wonder really how he is expected or able to obtain food without money.

“He is a man who has a number of inadequacies. He does not seem to understand that any help has been offered to him.”

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told Waxman he had shown ‘blatant disregard’ for court orders.

The Judge said “These matters are so serious that the only sentences I can justify for them are immediate custodial sentences.”