Petition launched after another crash on ‘dangerous’ bank

Crash on Fodderdyke Bank
Crash on Fodderdyke Bank

Concerned residents have launched a petition to call for a fix to two roads that they feel have become a serious danger – after a third accident at the spot.

Eastville, Midville and New Leake Parish Council fears there may be more crashes at Fodder Dyke Bank and Hobhole Bank if repairs are not carried out.

Fodder Dyke car recovery

Fodder Dyke car recovery

They discussed their fears at their most recent meeting – with three people dying at a similar location in the past year, including a 22-year-old from Alford last month.

Since that incident two other cars have crashed in the area – including one in a similar location – meaning three crashes in less than a month.

The most recent incident occurred on Tuesday night at about 7.45pm on Fodder Dyke Bank.

It involved a black Renault Clio, which was being driving by a 21-year-old from Friskney.

A 21-year-old passenger from Old Leake is said be police to have been treated at Pilgrim Hospital while an 18-year-old passenger is also said to have required treatment at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Concerned parish council vice chairman Christine Lockey was horrified to see this incident - just over a week after another car had to be recovered from the dyke.

She vowed: “It shouldn’t take more tragedies to get it fixed.”

In last Monday’s incident, the female driver is not thought to have suffered serious injury when her Mini crashed into the drain – but she is said to have blamed the poor road surface for losing control of the vehicle.

The three recent incidents have proved the final straw for Sharon Horry, who has launched a petition to try to improve the road.

Accompanying the petition, she wrote: “Have you ever driven on Fodderdyke Bank & Hobhole Bank roads and thought to yourself ‘this road is awful, bumpy and dangerous’?

“Have you heard that there has been three cars pulled out of the drains in the last three weeks? Including, unfortunately, a death of one young man.

“It’s not a question of if there will be another accident on these roads, it is simply a question of when. If you’re local, the chances are that you will know the person/people in the next accident, or worse still - they will be a member of your family or a friend.”

The petition has already attracted almost 200 signatures.

Coun Lockey who has lived in the area for 60 years, said: “The road has been in dire straits for a long long time.

“There’s other residents that have lived here all their lives and we know where the bumps and dips are.

“I know there’s a lot of roads in bad repair but we need somebody to sit up and take notice of this.”

There are found to have been other contributing factors behind some of the other accidents in the area.

Last August an elderly couple died at the same spot – although the driver was said to have suffered a medical episode at the wheel.

However, the council is concerned about a worrying amount of accidents – including others that have gone unreported.

Coun Lockey urged anyone who uses the road to report its poor state – and wants action before the bad weather makes the situation even worse.

Andy Ratcliffe, area highways manager, said: “Unfortunately this road is built on the material removed when the drain was constructed.

“This combined with varying levels of moisture in the ground can result in uneven sections of the road.

“The techniques needed to fix the road are both complex and expensive, and we continue to improve it the best we can with a limited budget, in the last 10 years investing nearly £1m.

“The repairs use a mesh to reduce the settlement in the road surface and increase its life by many years.

“We’re also seeking to secure further funding to repair the rest of the road and in the meantime, we’ve erected signs to warn of the uneven surface and advise an appropriate speed limit.”

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