Pets reunited with owners thanks to web of support


TWO pet owners in the Boston area are relieved after being reunited with their missing creatures.

Wyberton woman Jennie Roberts was astounded by the support shown by strangers on Facebook after she posted a notice about the disappearance of her dog Bella.

Tame jackdaw Izzy with one-legged crow Ro. NA

Tame jackdaw Izzy with one-legged crow Ro. NA

The 10-year-old border collie vanished from her home in Saundergate Lane on November 3 after being scared by fireworks.

“We had about 800 people supporting us on Facebook. I don’t even know these people but they set up an extra group to help find Bella, organised search parties and put up missing posters,” she said.

“I was amazed that so many people could be so kind.”

Bella was eventually found wandering around Frampton Marsh and was picked up by two women and returned to Jennie.

“In my excitement to get Bella back I forgot to ask the ladies names,” she said. “But I would like them to contact me through The Standard so I can thank them.”

Jennie is holding a get-together with those who helped her search for Bella in Boston’s Central Park on November 26, from noon.

The second lucky pet owner is bird rescuer Monica Lawrence whose jackdaw Izzy went missing for 17 days from her garden in Swineshead.

The tame bird would regularly fly around the village when it wasn’t enjoying the home comforts inside the bungalow Monica shares with husband Chris and a one-legged carrion crow called Ro.

“We missed him ever so much and while it was not unusual for him to go off with the wild flock for a few hours, he rarely disappears overnight, much less for days on end,” said Monica, who has rescued injured crows and other birds of the corvid family.

The couple stuck posters up in local vets and put the word around about their bird. It was one of these poster’s that lead to his safe return after a member of the public spotted the tame jackdaw in Spalding town centre on Saturday.

“He was being fed by members of the public by a burger van and luckily we were able to go over and collect him,” said Monica.

The mischievous jackdaw is now back home where he ‘comes and goes as he pleases’.

“He sits outside the window chattering when he wants to come back inside,” said Monica. She added: “He is like one of the family and chooses to spend most of his time inside with his human flock and his one-legged girlfriend Ro. Both live indoors and are very much part of the family.”