PICTURE GALLERY: Big Boston Clean-up 2016

Six tonnes of rubbish has been cleaned up from Boston streets as part of an annual clean-up – including a quantity of needles.

The four-day Big Boston Clean-up saw hundreds of drinks cans, food containers and even needles, tagged and bagged by 677 volunteers.

Big Boston Clean-up

Big Boston Clean-up

An additional two tonnes of rubbish was also dragged out of the area’s waterways by Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board.

Jen Moore, Boston Borough Council’s environment and sustainability officer, said: “The clean-up is, of course, all about collecting rubbish, but it is also a great community and social event and sends an important message about littering and fly tipping. The hope now is that the areas cleaned up stay looking clean and tidy.”

The gallery above contains pictures from the Clean-up.

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