PICTURE: Last piece of maternity unit arrives

Picture supplied
Picture supplied

The final piece of Pilgrim Hospital’s new £3.7m maternity unit has been craned into place.

It’s planned the unit will be moved into by the end of April and is set to provide 18 modern bedrooms, mixtures of three bedded rooms with an en-suite and single bedded rooms.

There will also be some bariatic suites and a direct link into the labour ward plus a separate public entrance to help control privacy for mother and baby. The new build will provide more space for both storage of equipment and better space for cots, fathers and relatives. The buildings have been made in Beverley and brought across the Humber with special arrangements including police escorts being made for the transportation.

While the installation has been weather dependent, construction seems to be going to plan. The new-build has been designed by Kier who came up with the design alongside the nurses who work at Pilgrim.