Pilot cycling scheme for Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire has been chosen as a pilot area for the Department for Transport’s ‘Bikeability Plus’ scheme.

The County Council has been awarded £25,000 to deliver ‘Bikeability Plus’, a series of modules designed to engage children and families with the opportunities, skills, support and guidance to make cycling part of their everyday lives.

Between March and June 2015, Lincolnshire County Council will deliver six modules to selected schools and communities across the county, these are:

Bikeability Fix – children will learn basic bike maintenance such as how to fix a puncture, or how to adjust brakes

Bikeability Recycled – an initiative to redistribute bikes to communities that do not have the resources to buy their own

Bikeability Fun Time – community events to encourage people to try cycling in a fun, family atmosphere

Bikeability On Show – informing parents and teachers about the skills their children have been learning

Bikeability Balance – school based sessions with balance bikes for children in Reception and Year 1

Bikeability Transition – helping students moving from primary to secondary school to plan their new cycle route

Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Councillor for Highways and Transportation at LCC, said: “Being chosen as a pilot project for Bikeability Plus is fantastic for Lincolnshire. Not only does it allow us to expand our Bikeability delivery to areas of the county we have not been able to previously, it also encourages additional training and equipment for our committed instructors.

“Being part of this pilot shows the progressive commitment LCC has shown to the development of Bikeability and puts us at the forefront of future developments in cycle training.”

Bikeability Plus is a pilot project, available to a limited number of schools between April and June 2015.

Lincolnshire is one of 17 areas chosen to take part in the pilot project; other areas include Cambridge, Bristol, Manchester and other major cycling cities.

The Department for Transport said: “Bikeability Plus is a suite of additional activities designed to build on and supplement core Bikability training. Each module addresses a specific barrier to cycling, to ensure children and families are given the support, opportunities and skills to make cycling part of their everyday life.”

The scheme builds on the success of Bikeability which offers cycle training to more than 6,000 children aged 9 – 11, every year in schools across Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire County Council will give feedback and evaluation on these new projects to the Department for Transport, to encourage future funding opportunities.

A Bikeability Fun Time event will take place during May at Staniland Primary School.