Plan to change part of home to an off licence

The Gambles EMN-160617-154255001
The Gambles EMN-160617-154255001

Part of a residential dwelling in Boston could become an off-licence with parking area if an application for change of use is approved.

The application, for The Gambles, on Broadfield Street, is for a ‘change of use of the ground floor lounge area from dwelling to off-licence and conversion of front garden to parking area’.

The application has been submitted on behalf of Mr J. Jankovskis by Lewis Smith, of Robert Doughty Consultancy.

According to the application, the parking area will include three extra spaces to the one already provided.

The new floorspace of the shop will be 23.5 square metres and the business will employ one full-time worker. The plans request that the shop opens 8am-10pm Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays.