Plans to paint the town in a positive light

Mayor of Boston Coun Richard Austin is hoping to represent Boston in a more positive light.
Mayor of Boston Coun Richard Austin is hoping to represent Boston in a more positive light.

Making a positive impact on the town’s national image and building on its future prospects could be the lasting legacy of Boston’s mayor.

Coun Richard Austin is keen for people to focus on the things they love about the area.

He hopes to collate messages and photos on the borough council’s website to promote the town.

“My aim is to improve Boston’s image,” said Coun Austin. “I want people to be thinking what it is about Boston that they love the most. Is it the fact the cost of living is 20 per cent less than other places, or because you like living in a market town?”

It is hoped that potential businesses, investors and professionals, such as nurses and teachers, will see the page and want to come to the town.

“I want to collect all this positivity up and put it on a web page so if a teacher or a doctor living in Nottingham sees a job advert for Boston and researches the town – they will see it and think what a wonderful place it is to be.”

He added: “I am hoping this will be my lasting legacy as mayor and will have a positive impact long after I am gone.”

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Mayor’s aim for a ‘brighter future’

In his first mayoral speech, Coun Richard Austin outlined the theme for his year in office would be ‘a great past and a bright future’.

“The image and reputation of a place is its most important asset,” he said. “It affects so many aspects of life in that community. It affects the location of businesses, it affects the decision of vital professionals and their choice of where to live and work. In fact, it can affect the prosperity and wellbeing over everyone in the community. My most important task is to protect and enhance this reputation wherever I can.”