Police are trying to stamp out post box thefts

ROYAL Mail post boxes are being targeted by thieves.

Two boxes are known to have disappeared from streets in Swineshead, while postal staff have also noticed thefts in other villages, including Sibsey, Amber Hill and Carrington.

The post boxes, which were attached to telegraph poles, were taken from Bullens Lane and Abbey Road some time around May 22.

Parish and borough councillor Michael Brookes said: “It’s very inconvenient for those who live nearby. They’re having to go into the village now. Not everyone has transport.”

Pcso Neil Williams said investigations were ongoing.

He said: “There is a possibility it is a scrap metal theft but any scrap yard which is legitimate is not going to want these boxes.

“The second assumption is if the boxes are dated pre-Elizabeth II, they could be valuable. They may have been taken to be sold on eBay or on a collector’s site.

“We have been asking residents to be vigilant.”

A Royal Mail spokesman confirmed there had been thefts in Swineshead, Amber Hill, Sibsey and Carrington: “We are investigating these incidents and are working on the replacement of the boxes. Royal Mail apologises to any of its customers who have been inconvenienced.”