Police confirm ‘no suspicious circumstances’ surrounding Boston death

Police news.
Police news.

Police say there are ‘no suspicious circumstances’ surrounding the death of a man whose body was found at a house in Boston on Sunday morning.

Officers attended an address in Woodville Road at about 7.40am where they found a man, believed to be a resident, dead. An ambulance had been called to the property, which is said to be a house in multiple occuaption (HMO), and paramedics had called the police.

The deceased, a foreign national, is thought to be in his 30s.

Another man, said to be a fellow resident at the property, was initially arrested but was then released and faces no further police action.

A post-mortem report was carried out yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon and following that examination police are satisfied that it is no longer a matter for them to investigate.

The case has now been handed to the coroner who will decide whether or not an inquest is necessary.