Politicians ‘pleased with peaceful protest’

The migration protest which took place in the town this weekend has been praised by local figures for remaining peaceful and offering campaigners a platform to air their views.

Sunday’s event took place without incident and allowed those who attended the rally against mass immigration the chance to raise their views in front of an audience.

Boston MP Mark Simmonds said he thought it was positive that the event had taken place.

He told The Standard: “Freedom of speech and the right to protest are important aspects of our society and culture. I am encouraged that Sunday’s protest remained peaceful and that attendees were able to exercise their rights without hindrance.”

The protest was organised in reaction to Boston Borough Council’s report into the public impact of population change, which put forward a number of recommendations to tackle challenges thrown up by immigration into Boston over the past ten years.

Campaigners said the evidence collected for the report was flawed and it should be re-examined. However, council leader Peter Bedford said the process was not yet complete, adding: “We are pleased that the protest was peaceful and that the organisers are satisfied that they feel their voice has been heard. The council will continue with the process begun by the task and finish group to help spotlight the issues affecting Boston at the highest levels.”

Coun Paul Kenny, who chaired the group which put together the report, said this was ‘the start of the process, not the end’, and that anyone who wanted to add their views to the report or make any more recommendations can still do so.

Responding to claims that some of the evidence had been untruthful, Coun Kenny said: “We invited people to come and give evidence. If they did that have I got the right to tell tham they are liars? We have raised issues based on what we heard.

“We have said all the way through that if they (the campaigners) produced their own recommendations or they would like a page of their views put at the back of the report they could, but there has been nothing.”