‘Bid for EU cash to help flood victims’


A Lincolnshire MEP is calling on the Government to get aid from an EU fund for flood victims such as those in Boston.

Lib Dem Bill Newton Dunn believes the EU’s Solidarity Fund should be used to help rebuild communities devastated by flooding.

The fund, which has up to £414m for 2014, was set up to provide cash to EU countries hit by natural disasters.

The UK last applied in 2008, when it got about £128 million to help repair flood damage from the previous summer. It can be used for clear-up work, infrastructure restoration, providing temporary accommodation, and funding rescue services.

Under EU rules the Government must submit an application no more than 10 weeks after the event.

Mr Newton-Dunn said: “It is crucial that we do everything we can to help those whose property and livelihoods have been damaged in the devastating recent floods.

“The EU Solidarity Fund is specifically intended to provide assistance for natural disasters like this, and could provide a valuable source of cash to help rebuild people’s homes and businesses.”