Blue is the colour! Conservatives sweep to power at the Boston Borough Council elections

Some of the successful Conservatives give the thmbs up after taking power at the Municipal Buildings.
Some of the successful Conservatives give the thmbs up after taking power at the Municipal Buildings.

THE Conservatives Party has taken control of Boston Borough Council in a dramatic night at the local council elections.

The Tories gave the thumbs up at the Peter Paine Sports Centre this morning after winning 19 seats, taking them beyond the majority of 17 needed for power.

“It’s been a fantastic night, a fantastic result,” leader of the Conservatives Coun Raymond Singleton-McGuire told The Standard, after the final result was announced at 3.45am.

While those in blue rosettes were the biggest winners, the biggest losers on the night were the Boston Bypass Independents, who saw their majority of 18 slip through their fingers, ending up with just four representatives on the council.

Mayor of Boston Peter Jordan was among the casualties, losing his North Ward seat as Coun Derek Richmond and Coun Dr Gurdip Samra received the winning votes from the electorate.

Adding insult to injury, Mr Jordan received 490 votes, the lowest in his ward.

The youngest councillor preparing to take his seat at the Municipal Buildings is Coun Aaron Spencer, the 19-year-old won the Five Village seat for the Conservatives.

“The BBI are a one-issue party,” Coun Singleton-McGuire said, after the Conservatives saw their seats on the council rise from seven four years ago.

“They sailed in on the bypass issue but the didn’t deliver what they promised.”

However, Coun Richard Austin, leader of the BBI, backed what his party have achieved over the past four years.

“I don’t think the public completely knew the details of everything we have done,” he said after witnessing his party’s defeat.

Labour now have three seats on the council, a vast improvement after picking up no seats at the last elections.

“It’s a start. We’re back on the map,” said Coun Paul Kenny, one of the red triumvirate.

The English Democrats won their first-ever seats in Lincolnshire as Coun Elliott Fountain and Coun David Owens were voted in to represent the Fenside ward.

Coun Fountain said he will now go about getting the 4,000 signatures he says are ‘guaranteed’ as they party begins its bid to bring an elected mayor to the Boston Borough.

He added he and Coun Owens were looking forward to ‘working with the Conservatives’.

Completing the 32 seats are four independents, including Coun Brian Rush.

Four years ago he was elected as a BBI representative, before differences of opinion saw him booted out of the party.

“I crossed the floor, but I feel vindicated after the people of Frampton and Holme voted for me to represent them again.”

For a full round-up of election night, don’t miss the Boston Standard, out Wednesday.