Blueprint to tackle Boston’s long-standing health issues


A blueprint for tackling long-standing health issues affecting people in Boston has been set out by borough councillors.

The plan aims to bring the borough’s health in line with county and national averages, with Boston lagging behind in a number of areas, in particular smoking and adult obesity – which stands at 26.8 per cent.

Following NHS reforms last year, district councils have been given the chance to become more involved in improving the health of their communities.

In light of this, the Boston Health and Wellbeing Framework went before Boston Borough Council’s cabinet on Wednesday (March 19).

Coun Stephen Woodliffe, who introduced the report as the portfolio holder, described it as an ‘excellent policy’.

Priorities agreed under the framework are: promoting healthier lifestyles by, for example, reducing the number of people who smoke and are overweight, improving the health and wellbeing of older people by, in part, supporting them to remain independent for as long as possible, and addressing housing and financial capability issues.

Coun Mike Gilbert said: “This isn’t just about tackling a problem now, this is about preventing a problem in the future.”

Members agreed to adopt the framework which will now lead to a five-year plan setting out exactly how to combat the problems.