Boston housing association moving from three offices to one

A HOUSING association in the town is hoping its move from three offices into one will help improve its services to customers while saving on costs.

Boston Mayflower, which previously operated out of Boston’s Custom House, Pilgrim House and Friars House, is in the process of selling all three and preparing to bring the staff based there into Chantry House, on Lincoln Lane.

Director of operations for the company Matthew Spittles said it was expensive to upkeep listed buildings – of which they have two – and said the move would provide a reasonable payback period and said that the open plan environment would be beneficial.

He said: “It’s difficult to put a price together on it but there are definitely benefits to being all under one roof.

“It will also be a more condusive and central location for staff and customers in terms of proximity to the council offices, the police station and the bus station.”

He added that Custom House had already been sold and the company was looking to move by late 2012 or early 2013 as a ‘job lot’ adding that Chantry House needed some work done to make it fit for purpose.