Boston immigration issues to be raised in Parliament

Coun Paul Kenny
Coun Paul Kenny

Street drinking, employment and issues surrounding Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) will be brought before Parliament.

Coun Paul Kenny, who led last year’s inquiry into the social impact of immigration, was invited to The House of Commons to speak to the cross-party Parliamentary Group on Immigration at a conference next Wednesday.

He plans to discuss issues which were raised through the four-month inquiry, which collected evidence on how immigration has affected the town and produced a number of recommendations in a number of areas.

Coun Kenny added: “This opportunity is all about making sure that the real things that are happening in Boston are told to our legislators in Parliament and hopefully we will see some changes in the legislation and law to reflect our concerns and our budget.”

The 2011 census showed the borough’s population had increased by more than 15 per cent in the past decade, growing from 55,800 to 64,600.

This week, Boston MP Mark Simmonds revealed he had sent the report to Communities and Local Government minister Eric Pickles, in a bid to appeal for more resources for 

Mr Simmonds said: “While I have previously made clear my commitment to the Government’s deficit reduction programme and am under no illusions about the state of the UK’s finances we inherited, I hope the Secretary of State will read the report and agree Boston requires the appropriate level of funding that relates to the population now living in Boston.”