Boston Post Office move ‘would be a travesty’

Boston Post Office
Boston Post Office
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Councillors have teamed up to hit out at the ‘folly’ of moving Boston’s main post office into a ‘congested, cluttered and cramped’ WH Smith store.

Members of all parties on Boston Borough Council have united to sign a strongly worded letter to Post Office bosses opposing the plans.

In the letter, councillors also question whether the Post Office met the Government’s laws on selling off ‘heritage assets’.

The letter says not to use the current building as a post office would be a ‘travesty’, adding: “The Boston Post Office is a cherished ‘friend’ in our town and everything needs to be done to help it remain where it is and in the building originally designed for it.”

No details have been revealed of where the counters would be put in WH Smith, although it is thought they would be at the back of the store. Post Office bosses hope to make the move in February.

The letter points out the ‘physical constraints’ of the shop, adding: “We are aware that the current retail shop is particularly congested, cluttered and cramped.

“To relocate the town’s main central Post Office into this badly configured space appears folly and we do not consider it will be successful.”

The council has offered to help do what it can to keep the building open, and adds: “Boston’s well being, regeneration and economic development, depends in part on the recognition and care of its unique heritage assets. We ask the Post Office to play its part in this and, on behalf of the communities we represent, to ensure that the present facilities at 18 Wide Bargate are safeguarded.”