Boston’s new boundaries mapped out

RESIDENTS in Skirbeck are being urged to fight for their local identity – after planned boundary changes saw the parish split in half.

Plans to change the ward boundaries in Boston and even out the number of voters in each area have seen the oldest parish in the town separated from its church and community hall – and Fishtoft ward completely axed from the map.

Some councillors believe the changes would not be beneficial for Boston, and have urged people living in both of these areas to write to the Boundary Commission to urge it to reconsider the lines.

Skirbeck councillor Paul Gleeson, who previously spoke out against the proposed removal of Skirbeck – which is mentioned in the Domesday Book, said: “I prefer the new proposals to the proposals that the council put forward.

“I think it’s unfortunate that they have split Skirbeck in two.

“Skirbeck is a natural historic community.”

Coun Gleeson, who was on the council committee discussing the boundary alterations, said changes had been made to Skirbeck as there were issues with ratio of voters to councillors.

He suggested that if the Boundary Commission took the Maud Foster Drain as a natural boundary, rather than the line which has been taken, it would allow the community to continue.

The councillor also pointed out that changes to other wards will leave some areas covered by numerous councillors.

Father Paul Noble, of St Nicoholas Church in Skirbeck, also spoke out against the change, adding: “It’s detaching the church and the community hall from the main community that it serves.

“The impact is that you finish with councillors who are responsible for the church and community hall area who are not responsible for the community these things actually serve.”

The plans aim to reduce the number of wards and the number of councillors by two.


The changes:

THE Local Government Boundary Commission has reviewed the wards in Boston due to an inequality in the the amount of voters per councillor.

Changes have been made to most of the town centre wards and some of the outlying areas in a bid to even out the number of residents each council is representing.

It will mean the number of wards will be reduced by two, and the number of councillors will go down from 32 to 30.

Changes include:

l Frampton and Kirton become one ward.

l The North ward and the top of Pilgrim ward will become North West ward.

l Fishtoft has been taken off the ward map.

l The Central ward has gone. The top of it has become Station ward and the bottom has become part of Haven and Skirbeck ward.

l South ward has been renamed St Thomas’ ward.

The consultation into the wards ends on July 30.