‘Boston’s traders need to come together’

Boston town centre from the top of the Stump
Boston town centre from the top of the Stump

Boston’s business community must come together to react to the changing nature of high street trading, according to council leader Peter Bedford.

Writing exclusively in The Standard, Coun Peter Bedford outlines what he would like to see from traders:

Town centres are occupied and managed by the shops and the businesses themselves, not councils, and while the borough council can assist with ideas, can facilitate and support, one must ask the business community itself what IT is doing to react to these economic changes - how is it working together to find new markets and new opportunities?

Are businesses and traders working too much in isolation? Successful shopping centres are those where everyone works together, has the right mix, the right products, the right rental levels and forever innovative offers and meets consumer need. Who is best placed to do this? I think the businesses and landlords themselves, working closely with the likes of the Chamber of Commerce and the borough council.

In terms of the borough council’s support and encouragement, one only has to look at our shop frontage and buildings repair grants scheme – initiated, led and promoted by the borough council in partnership with English Heritage. So far the council’s scheme has invested more than £80,000.

The businesses of Boston voted along the lines that it did not want such a business group as the BID. We are soon to meet with the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce to listen to its proposals for a new initiative in Boston and if it appears to be appropriate and beneficial we would lend our support.