BUDGET: Discriminatory not to charge the disabled?

BOSTON Borough Council’s town centre supremo has defended proposals to charge disabled parkers by saying it would be discriminatory not to introduce fees.

Coun Derek Richmond told the corporate and community scrutiny committee he felt the council had a duty to charge those registered disabled to park in the borough, saying it would provide vital income of up to £80,000 a year.

He added: “If an able-bodied person pays for a parking space, why shouldn’t a disabled person. They have a disability - 99 per cent on them do not have a financial problem.

“Disabled people do not like to be discriminated against.”

He added that it would be unfair to people on low incomes to continue to allow disabled people to park for free, as they may receive more money through benefits than those working for minimum wage.

At the meeting Labour councillor Paul Gleeson that disabled people who receive a free tax disc because of their disability should receive fee parking.