Campaigners look to get Boston in Hanseatic League


Councillors will be asked to look at taking Boston into the Hanseatic League – a modern version of the historic group that it was linked to when it was a booming port.

The town’s prominence as a port between the 13th and 15th centuries meant it developed strong ties with the league – and the modern day equivalent sees the former trading partners share cultural, tourist and business links.

King’s Lynn has been a member for the past decade and believes it has brought lots of benefits.

Lynn and West Norfolk council leader Nick Daubney, the English commissioner for the league, told The Standard: “I think Boston would get a lot out of it. It has been very good for King’s Lynn and I personally think Boston has got a very similar history and tradition.”

He said the cost would be ‘a couple of hundred pounds’ subscription a year.

Coun Daubney believes it has increased the number of tourists visiting Lynn – and said a business network has been set up to establish contacts with about 180 towns and cities across Europe.

It is thought Boston Big Local could use some of its £1 million Lottery cash to provide signage, plaques and leaflets – and grants could be applied for to run events, exhibitions and even archaeological digs.

Last year 750,000 people were said to have visited the international Hanse Day in Lübeck, Germany, and as a member King’s Lynn was able to have a presence and promote itself.

The topic is currently due to be brought up at the September 29 full council meeting – although this could be postponed to wait for a meeting with representatives of King’s Lynn’s council.

A group from Boston, including Big Local representatives, visited King’s Lynn to find out more yesterday (Tuesday). Although the council would have to formally join, a separate group could be set up to run Hanse activties.