Candidates fight for votes in Fenside by-election


The four candidates vying to win next week’s Fenside ward Boston Borough Council by-election are making their bids for your votes today.

The Boston Borough Council seat is empty after English Democrat Elliott Fountain was kicked off for not turning up to a meeting in six months.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday.

Here are the candidates’ words to win you over...

Ben Cook (Labour)

My name is Ben Cook. I am 27 years old and I’ve lived in Boston all my life. I went to St Thomas Primary School, Kirton Middlecott secondary School and Boston College.

Over the last few years, seeing how my friends and neighbours have been struggling to make a living in the town, I became an active trade unionist to try and make a difference.

From reading The Standard I realised the only group offering a positive vision for the future of our town were our local Labour councillors and so I decided to join the Labour Party and was thrilled when I was asked to stand as a candidate to represent Fenside.

As a councillor I promise I will work closely with the community, I will go to the meetings, I will hold regular surgeries, and I will be the strong voice that Fenside needs.

Daniel Elkington (Conservative)

I live in Boston, a stone’s throw away from Sluice Bridge.

In previous elections and by-elections, Fenside has been short-changed by their councillors. You have had councillors more interested in pushing their own message than representing your needs.

The English Democrats are continuing in this theme of underachievement; one of whom has been removed for not turning up in six months, thus putting you to the expense and inconvenience of a by-election.

As an independent financial adviser, I am well used to turning up to meetings and being responsible, accountable and reliable. This election is an opportunity for you to elect someone who will fight for you and who represents a party achieving growth and stability for Boston and Britain.

Please vote for me, Dan Elkington and The Conservatives. Elect a candidate who will attend meetings, stand up for Boston and represent you.

Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright (UKIP)

I’ve had a home in the Fenside Ward for the last 26 years making me aware of how the area has altered and the problems changes have created.

Fenside is in Boston North West, which I cover as Lincolnshire county councillor for UKIP, where I’m on the planning and highways committees. I’d also like to represent the people of Fenside at a local level in Boston Borough Council, (where we already have one UKIP councillor ) and will do my best to make sure your views are heard.

As part of my concern for our local environment I’m a member of the Boston Woods Committee and there are two woods in the Fenside area.

Having already met many constituents whilst campaigning for the county seat I’m looking forward to meeting even more ‘Fensiders’ during this campaign.

Thank you for your support at county level and I hope you will give me the opportunity to represent you all locally.

The Rev Alan Taylor (Lib-Dems)

I can’t as yet claim to be a Bostonion, having finally retired here during the last year.

I can, however, claim a positive track record in local government, serving as a Liberal Democrat councillor in Leeds, and the last year as its Lord Mayor.

I’ve a wealth of experience in representing an area similar to the Fenside Ward – promoting community development and cohesion, and over time, successfully dealing with thousands of housing issues.

I’m now assisting the Stump, which covers Fenside.

I’ve already found Fenside to be a wonderful, dynamic and generous community, but not without its problems.

Jobs and training are essential for prosperity and wellbeing. Health issues also need to be addressed.

If elected, I will not let the people down. As a full-time councillor I will seek to unite the community, not divide it, and in doing so, develop the skills and talents of all.