Caring son fights fines for parking in town with mum

Dale Broughton with his mum Christine by his car on Boston's Fish Hill.
Dale Broughton with his mum Christine by his car on Boston's Fish Hill.

A businessman who cares for his disabled mother is appealing two parking fines left on the car he uses to bring his mum into Boston for the day.

Dale Broughton, owner of Rumblin’ Tums café in Fish Hill, Boston, acts as carer to his mum Christine, who has suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke.

He explained: “Most days I bring mum in to work with me so she can stay in the café or potter about town.

“On days when she isn’t with me I park my car at my friend’s house on John Adams Way.

“My mum is in no fit state to drive and when she is with me I park on Fish Hill. But over the last few weeks I’ve had two parking tickets left on my car, despite the fact we have a disabled blue badge on display.”

Mr Broughton claims the same traffic warden issued both tickets and told him he was ticketing the car as he believed Mr Broughton’s mother was not with him.

“She had been with the car each time it was ticketed,” he said.

“She doesn’t drive it as I’m registered as her carer so this is the only way she liked to get about.

“She hasn’t been getting out the house much, so helping her to go out into town has helped her get her confidence back – now this has happened and shot her confidence.”

Mr Broughton is appealing the fines.

He added: “It’s very frusrating as I see cars parked illegally in around here all the time, but yet I never see any tickets on them.”