CCTV suite to monitor other areas of county

Boston's CCTV suite
Boston's CCTV suite

The CCTV control room in Boston is to take on the monitoring of cameras from others parts of the county.

The move, in partnership with East Lindsey District Council (ELDC), will see staff monitoring eight additional screens covering the Skegness area, Alford, Horncastle, Louth and Mablethorpe.

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council said: “Staff consultation at ELDC is under way witha view to nine of ELDC’s CCTV staff members joining the Boston team, providing additional eyes familiar with their local area.

“This will also provide potential for extra on-duty staff during the busiest times.”

The partnership will include a £425,000 investment by ELDC to upgrade its 97 CCTV cameras to high definition, with a wireless feature to submit images.

Based at Boston Borough Council’s offices, the CCTV control room has some of the best technology available to monitor and record information from cameras.

ELDC says it will continue to pay for the CCTV monitoring network in its district and make a contribution to the control room operating costs, with local councils maintaining the upgraded cameras in their area as usual.

The shared arrangement will save taxpayers in East Lindsey more than £160,000 per year.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Alan Hardwick, said that CCTV is a valuable tool in helping to reduced crime in Lincolnshire and to keep the county safe.