Chris Pain hits back at UKIP bosses after being kicked out of the party

Chris Pain
Chris Pain

The former leader of UKIP in Lincolnshire has hit out after party bosses chose to kick him out at a disciplinary hearing yesterday.

Coun Chris Pain was thrown out of UKIP after a meeting in London yesterday. He has complained that his solicitor was not given enough time to prepare for the hearing and believes there is a ‘serious problem’ with the way such issues are handed.

In a statement he said UKIP was in danger of becoming ‘as undemocratic as the EU which we oppose so much’.

He alleges that there was a ‘plot to oust me from the party, by any means whatsoever, for some considereable time’, adding: “It was believed that I was creating a power base and would challenge for the leadership. [What a ridiculous idea.]”

He lays the blame firmly at chairman Steve Crowther and feels his displinary hearing was bought forward to avoid any embarrassment at this weekend’s UKIP party conference in London.

Coun Pain vowed to carry on working for the people of Wainfleet and Burgh, his county seat.

He said: “The amount of response I have had already from members of UKIP is overwhelming and I am proud of what I have done for the party.”

He thanked people for standing by him while he fought allegations of racism, which have since been dropped by police, and vowed: “People who know me will know that I WILL NOT walk away from my responsibilities as a man of honesty and integrity.

“I will strive to get justice for the way I have been treated and I will not stop until I can be sure it has been carried out to my satisfaction.”

Coun Pain had been due to contest the 2015 General Election in Boston and Skegness for UKIP.