Commissioner: ‘I’ll do what I can to cut out street drinking’

Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick (Independent)
Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick (Independent)

The new police and crime commissioner for Lincolnshire has vowed to take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to street drinking.

Former Calendar TV presenter Alan Hardwick won Thursday’s election – and delivered a strong message on boozing in public, a bugbear for many Boston residents.

Mr Hardwick, who stood as an independent candidate, said: “Street drinking should not be allowed anywhere in the county. It is the root of a lot of anti-social behaviour and anti-social behaviour is a scourge.

“It is ruining the lives of law abiding citizens and it can’t be allowed to continue. I will do everything in my power to help, along with the chief constable.”

Thursday’s ballot suffered from a poor voter turnout – with only 15.63 per cent of electors voting across the county.

In Boston turnout was just 14.27 per cent, with only 6,909 of a 48,423 electorate voting .

Mr Hardwick beat David Bowles of the Campaign to Stop Politicians Running Policing, in the second round by 39,221 votes to 35,086.

Labour’s Paul Gleeson and Conservative Richard Davies were knocked out in the first round.

Mr Hardwick will now work on a plan detailing the priorities for policing in the county. He will be responsible for holding the chief constable to account and overseeing the force budget.

He will work on clawing back a £1.8 million rural grant that was taken away from Lincolnshire and put back into the general policing funding pot for the country.

He added: “I have already approached some contacts in Boston and I am hoping to have an early meeting with them so that we can discuss Boston’s problems.

“Boston is very much in my mind at the moment.”