Community leaders hit back over Boston’s ‘crap town’ nomination

Highlight - The Stump has been put forward as one of many reasons as to why Boston is 'not crap'.
Highlight - The Stump has been put forward as one of many reasons as to why Boston is 'not crap'.

Community leaders have come out fighting against the suggestion that Boston could feature in a book of ‘crap towns’.

Boston’s Mayor, council leader and a spokesman for the town’s iconic Stump church defended the town’s reputation and have argued against it featuring in ‘Crap Towns Returns’ after it emerged it had been nominated last week.

The book is the third in a series that has so far sold more than 160,000 copies, with the publishers set to whittle down a shortlist of 100 – which also features Louth, Lincoln and Grimsby – to a final 50 before October.

Boston Mayor Coun Paul Kenny said: “I think Boston is a lovely place to live in- it has got many great features such as The Stump and the heritage.

“Most people come to Boston and think it is a nice place to visit. We have got Princess Anne coming next week – she wouldn’t be coming if she didn’t think it was a nice place to visit.

“Some people like to talk the town down. We have got our ‘warts’ but not everything is negative.”

Coun Kenny challenged the author to nominate his own town – and offered to show him around Boston.

Stump spokesman Peter Coleman said: “We as a town have one of the most magnificent, historic buildings in the country with our fantastic church. The town attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

“Boston shouldn’t be included in the book when you look at the church and the history of the town. The shopping isn’t bad when you compare it to other towns, with very few being vacant, and we have lovely waterways.

“The fact that both Lincoln and Louth have also been nominated is ridiculous - and to be frank, I think it’s a bit of a farce.”

Borough council leader Peter Bedford said: “To me it’s just an absolute nonsense from start to finish. Boston has got an awful lot going for it.

“As a council we’re working very, very hard to make the town better. With Boston in Bloom and the Geoff Moulder Centre and the PRSA is starting to turn a corner. There are plenty of things going on, I’m sure once the Assembly Rooms is finished that will lighten that end of the town.

“We need to be positive, and all the negatives - they want putting in the delete file.”