Complete ban on drinking in public set for Boston


A complete ban on drinking in public is set for Boston town centre after the borough council voted in favour of the move.

At last night’s meeting of the environment and performance committee, members approved recommendations to bring in the enforcement when the legislaton comes in later this year.

The recommendations are for a Community Protection Order (CPO) which will give police the power to enforce an out-right ban.

This will replace the controversial DPPO, which is not a ban and only gives police powers to move street drinkers on if they are engaging in anti-social behaviour, or are likely to.

Some 94 per cent of residents responding to a survey on the issue said they wanted to see a ban on street drinking in Boston.

The recommendation is for the area currently covered by the DPPO to be extended to include the lower High Street areas and along the River Witham, taking in Witham Way Country Park.

The recommendation will now have to be approved by cabinet.

For more on this see Wednesday’s Boston Standard newspaper.