CONFIRMED: UKIP lose first member just hours after the election

Former-UKIP member Barrie Pierpoint has confirmed he will be continuing his position as an Independent following a dispute with the party just hours after his election.

UKIP spokesman Sue Ransome told the Standard that Mr Piepoint, who was elected to the Old Leake and Wrangle ward following Thursday’s election, had been suspended from the party after he failed to ‘gel’ with other members.

Parish council election news.

Parish council election news.

In the video above Mrs Ransome gives Standard reporter Daniel Jaines the parties reaction over how they performed in the local election - gaining 13 seats equal to the Conservatives (12 following Mr Pierpoint leaving the party).

However, Mr Pierpoint claims he was not officially notified of his suspension and in fact resigned from the party on Friday morning after being contacted by the media about the news.

He told The Standard this morning (Monday), that he had made the decision to stand down from the party after disagreeing with the way the party was run.

He said, however, he would continue as an independent member of the council.

He said: “I’m still going to look after all the people who voted and will look after their interests and the policies they voted me in on.”

Rumours following Mr Pierpoint leaving the party indicated he would be joining the Conservatives, however, he said all he had done was speak to Conservative councillor Peter Bedford and ‘gave him my business card’.

He added: “That’s where it stopped. They didn’t entice me, I approached them. That’s where it ended.”

UKIP’s National Executive Committee are yet to make an official statement.

For more details and updates keep an eye on The Standard website and check Wednesday’s paper.