Conservative candidate will ‘not be distracted by sideshow’

Matt Warman. (Photo: Daily Telegraph)
Matt Warman. (Photo: Daily Telegraph)

The Boston and Skegness parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives has said he will not let his campaign be ‘distracted by this sort of sideshow’ in response to a leaked list which said the constituency was a ‘non-target’ for the party.

The list, which was mistakenly posted on the Conservative website and later removed, listed Boston and Skegness among 106 constituencies which were under the heading ‘non-targe candidates’.

However, Matt Warman who is running for the Tories in this area told Channel Four’s Michael Crick last night (Tuesday) that Central Office was giving him all the support he needed.

He said: “The label of target seat or not is irrelevant, I have not asked Central Office for anything they haven’t given me.”

He said the association was established and had volunteers on the ‘ground hearing good things’.

Today, he told The Standard: “It reflects to me that HQ realises we have got a good, strong team on the ground and people who are willing to tend to the campaign.”

He said he wasn’t worried about the resources available for the campaign and similarly that he was not concerned about going to HQ and asking for help if needed.

National speculation has said that the party had given up fighting seats where UKIP were strong, which bookies say includes Boston, to focus on Labour.

However, Mr Warman indicated the opposite, that the Conservatives were confident of winning the seat.

He said: “You could equally accuse the party of being complacent.

“The suggestion that we would give up on a 12,426 majority Conservative area doesn’t reflect what we’re hearing on the ground.”

“I’m not going to let this sort of sideshow distract from the campaign. We’re going to be fighting all the way.”