Contracts agreed for home care


New contracts to deliver home care and community-supported living services within the county have been agreed by Lincolnshire County Council.

Following a procurement exercise, required by law, the council has agreed 12 prime providers for adult home care, each covering an area of Lincolnshire.

Previously, the council had contracted directly with more than 70 businesses just for home care services.

There are currently about 75 children with disabilities receiving home care. The exercise has also agreed a contract for two providers to deliver home care for children with disabilities.

Pete Sidgwick, chief commissioning officer at the council, said: “We’ve remodelled home care in this way to make sure that people continue to get the care and support services they need at a price that is fair to the providers. This new model for home care will allow providers to deliver a more reactive service for people and support the market to meet rising demand.

“The new contracts allow the 12 prime providers to sub-contract to other providers where it is appropriate and convenient for them. This has been built into the contract to offer our providers some flexibility and help them to deliver the best service they can for the people they care for.”