Council fed up of columnist’s criticism

Boston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

A senior councillor says the authority is fed up of reading criticism in The Standard’s Observer column, adding ‘he’s going to get a knock on his door’.

Boston Borough Council cabinet member Derek Richmond spoke to a reporter ahead of yesterday’s (Tuesday) planning meeting, saying: “You want to sort your Observer column out. We know who who he is, he’ll get a knock on his door one day.”

He added: “When has he supported us? He never supports anything we do.

“He’s going to get a knock one day.”

When questioned further for his views Coun Richmond, portfolio holder for the town centre development and management, car parks, markets and public toilets, told The Standard: “I don’t think it’s a balanced opinion. Justified criticism I’ve got no problem with, but it is not that.”

Coun Richmond then wrongly accused Observer of being a ‘paid up member of the Labour party’ and said his columns are ‘ill informed’ and often incorrect, although chose not to offer examples of inaccuracies.

When asked if his frustration at Observer is shared by the rest of the council, he added: “Definitely, without a doubt.”

Coun Richmond, who says he is fully aware of the identity of The Standard’s columnist, also claims the column, which is pinned on a noticeboard alongside other press cuttings each week, is ignored because of the lack of balance.

He said; “People don’t take any notice of it. They realise what it’s like.”

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