Council leaders give three-year health strategy the green light

The Boston Borough Council building.
The Boston Borough Council building.

A new strategy aiming to fight preventable health and wellbeing issues over the next three years has been approved by councillors.

A report before the borough council’s cabinet on Wednesday by Coun Claire Rylott outlined Boston’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-20, which seeks to address rising levels of dementia, poor quality housing, obesity, lack of exercise and smoking.

Coun Rylott told her colleagues on Wednesday: “Boston continues to face significant health challenges, some of these reflect national trends such as a rise in obesity or inactivity but more are local.”

Examples of recent projects, run with partners, include the launch of Boston Park Run, the new Boston Marathon, the Get Cycling Roadshow, the launch of Boston Dementia Action Alliance and Memory Lane activity sessions, the Rogue Landlord scheme and additional investment in play equipment.

Councillor Rylott added: “Clearly no single organisation can tackle these complex problems alone and a partnership approach is therefore essential.”

A report before the council identified three priorities areas including working with partners to encourage healthier lifestyle, working towards becoming a dementia friendly community and working to improve local housing and financial confidence.

Coun Michael Brookes supported the scheme, but added: “Clearly, its something that’s based very much on partnership working, what we can do on our own is quite limited.”

The strategy can be viewed at

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