Council’s appeal over town’s eyesores

THE council has made renewed appeals for information concerning graffiti and fly-tipping.

There have been around 100 incidents of graffiti with large amount tagged BTK – Boston Town Keepers – and Spot.

And pieces range from these names to multi-coloured graffiti, with some as tall as six or seven feet, says the authority.

Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder with responsibility for street cleansing Coun Michael Brookes said: “Like littering we have a minority of people who are intent on spoiling the borough for others by creating these eyesores.

“It costs us all as council tax payers good and hard-earned money to clean this mess up.”

A multi-agency operation – Fly Swat task force – has also been formed in a bid to stop fly-tippers.

Rehabilitating prisoners from North Sea Camp serving the end of their sentences will form the squad which will clear public areas, including verges and waterways, from Monday.

The maximum penalty for fly-tipping is a £50,000 fine and five years imprisonment.

The project also involves Boston Borough, Lincolnshire County and South Holland District councils as well as Black Sluice and Witham Fourth internal drainage boards, the Environment Agency, Boston Mayflower and Longhurst Group.

l To report graffiti call 01205 314318 or Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300, to report fly-tipping call 01205 366007 or to report illegal dumping of hazardous or industrial waste call 0800 807060.