Council to pay to fix derelict building in Boston

35-37 Wormgate, Boston
35-37 Wormgate, Boston

Councillors have agreed to pay to fix a property in Boston after the owner failed to respond to a court order telling them to make repairs.

Boston Borough Council’s cabinet agreed to spend the money needed on 35-37 Wormgate after a court prosecution failed to force them to act as they had hoped.

The cost of the works are said to be £6,723.60 – although officers say it may not need to be this much.

Officers had had permission to spend £3,000 to £5,000 on the property earlier this year but cabinet approved the extra money onWednesday.

Coun Mike Gilbert said: “I think it is up to property owners to discharge their responsibility to keep property to a very very high standard.

“Our duty is to ensure that if they don’t do that we step in. We can’t have dilapidated properties in Boston.”

The cabinet said some work had been carried out since it took out an order through the magistrates’ court to demand action, however added some of those may have made the state of the property worse.

Head of built environment and development Steve Lumb said: “Communication is impossible and difficult. Works seem to happen ad hoc for no apparent reason.”

Council leader Peter Bedford said the authority may even have to look at making a compulsory purchase order as a last resort to take charge of the property.

The cost will be placed as a ‘charge on the land’ so it can be recovered in the long term.

Coun Stephen Woodliffe said the charge should accrue interest to make it ‘punitive’.